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Privacy Policy

Lisa Dixon – Legal Finance Specialist and Freelance Financial Director of 20 Fowler Avenue, Worcester (hereafter referred to as “Lisa Dixon”) is subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 which incorporates the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). Lisa Dixon is a Data Controller and a Data Processor but is not required under the Data Protection Act 2018 to appoint a Data Protection officer and so accordingly has not done so. All enquiries regarding data protection in respect of Lisa Dixon’s business should be directed to her at the address noted above, by email to, or via telephone on 07809 633776. Lisa Dixon is registered with the Information Commissioner in England and Wales under the registration number ZA314895.

Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018, there are six grounds which justify data processing, namely

At least one of these will always apply in respect of any of your data she processes.

Lisa Dixon is classed as a Data Controller when she has a direct relationship or connection with you and in these circumstances she will process data about you primarily in order to set up and perform a contract with you. It may be necessary to process your data on the basis of a legal obligation, for example if she has reason to believe that a crime is being committed of a nature which she are legally obliged to report. It may also be necessary to process data for her own legitimate interests if, for example, you owe her money.

Where Lisa Dixon processes data about other people under a contract with you, she will do so on our instructions as Data Processor, relying on the legal bases you have established for processing.

Lisa Dixon does not process sensitive personal data as defined by Article 9 of the GDPR or data concerning criminal offences and convictions as defined by Article 10 of the GDPR.

Lisa Dixon’s website does not use cookies and no information is collected about visitors to the website by Lisa Dixon.

Lisa Dixon uses the data she processes to provide consultancy services.

Data is not sent outside the UK.

Lisa Dixon keeps data for a maximum of three years after the end of a contractual or business relationship to enable her to support clients by referring back to historical information.

Electronic data is deleted from Lisa Dixon’s system and backups at the appropriate time and confidential papers including personal and commercially sensitive data are disposed of after having been shredded.

Under data protection legislation, as a data subject you have the following rights:

In addition, for your protection, Lisa Dixon must abide by the data protection principles which are:

Disclosures to third parties
Lisa Dixon does not sell data to or share data with anyone except as set out below.

Lisa Dixon may be required to disclose confidential information to the industry regulators of her clients including but not limited to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”), Council for Licensed Conveyancers (“CLC”) and The Faculty of the Archbishop of Canterbury (generally for regulatory purposes), her advisers, including her legal advisers, and her insurers (for the purpose of enabling her to make full notification to her insurers of circumstances arising from work she undertakes for you which may result in an insurance claim). All of these third parties are obliged to keep all such information confidential. Sharing of data in these circumstances will be justified by legal obligations imposed on Lisa Dixon and/or her own legitimate interests.

If Lisa Dixon is required compulsorily by law to disclose documents or give information relating to your affairs pursuant to a court order or notice or demand served by any person with authority to compel such disclosure, she will comply. She will be entitled to payment by you for the costs of such compliance at her then existing hourly rates. Sharing data in these circumstances is justified by the legal obligation imposed on her.

Lisa Dixon may disclose relevant information to any person or company authorised by her to undertake debt collection activity against you. This is justified by her legitimate interests.